AR-15 Rifle Sling

Flatline Fiber Co. now offers AR-15 Rifle Slings. We have a variety of color options including Multicam rifle slings. As usual, all of our slings are made with only the best materials and come with a lifetime warranty.

As a small company, we saw a need in the AR-15 Rifle Sling market. That need was slings that are IN STOCK. We work hard each and every day to get your rifle slings out the door while making sure there are plenty to go around.

Our goal as a company is to never be out of stock on rifle slings.

Functionality is everything in an AR-15 Rifle Sling. Not only does the sling need to be durable, it also needs to be able to function easily with little thought put into it.

Our minimalistic adjustable tab design gives you exactly that. We offer both a padded and non-padded option.

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