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Flatline Fiber padded rifle sling in MultiCam Arid laying on a wooden table.

Explaining MultiCam Patterns

The right camouflage for your shooting gear can mean the difference between blending in and standing out. Among the multiple patterns available, MultiCam offers versatility and adaptability to challenge traditional notions of camouflage with its innovative approach.

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A man standing in full tactical gear hold a rifle.

The Shooter’s Guide to Tactical Gear: Vests, Belts, Slings, and More

Tactical gear encompasses a wide array of products and each has its own unique set of benefits and uses. Join us as we explore tactical gear essentials and advanced tactical tools and learn how each piece can elevate your shooting experience.

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Installing and Mounting a Dump Pouch

Dump pouches are designed to provide quick and convenient storage for used or empty magazines and other items to keep you organized and efficient whether on a mission or at the shooting range.

Let’s look at various pouches and the process of installing & mounting a dump pouch so that you have easy, hands-free access to your equipment when you need it.

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