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5 Best Electronic Ear Muffs for the Range

For all the shooting aficionados out there, a must-have piece of range equipment is a good set of hearing protection. Nothing can ruin a day at the range like not having good hearing protection that will keep those monster headaches away and prolong good hearing later in life. Electronic ear muffs are definitely the best option to keep hearing protected while also providing the best functionality for range use.

In this list, we will give our best picks for electronic ear muffs for the shooting range. We will look at a variety of factors including price, noise reduction rating, microphone functionality, and other key features of each set on our list. When it comes to hearing protection it is important to get the best available while also fitting the needs of the shooter both short and long-term. Therefore, we cover a wide range of electronic ear muffs that will fit every shooter’s needs from casual to tactical.

Before we jump straight into our list, let’s explain some of the key features that we look for in a good set of electronic ear muffs.
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Training Day – Tools You Need for Gun Safety Training

If you have just purchased your first gun you are probably extremely excited to learn more about it and shoot it! This is great, and one of the best ways to do this is by enrolling in a gun safety training course. These classes teach you how to safely handle guns, proper holstering techniques, how to clean and store them, and how to shoot.

There are even advanced courses that are more involved where you can learn important defensive skills. If you decide to take a safety course, you will need to round up some gear first!

Firearm safety courses have minimum equipment requirements. Although these will vary slightly, most courses require you to bring your own firearm or a rental, a holster if a pistol course, additional magazines, ammunition, electronic ear protection, and eye protection.
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