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Essential Gear for the Range

At the heart of every successful range session is the gear that enhances your experience, ensuring safety, comfort, and efficiency. Flatline Fiber Co. understands this perfectly, offering a range of products meticulously designed for the discerning shooter.

From the comfort-enhancing Ear Pro Wraps to the practical and robust rifle slings, the versatile dump pouches, and the life-saving P.I.M.P (Practical Individual Medical Pouch), each product is a testament to Flatline Fiber Co.’s commitment to quality and functionality.

Ear Protection Wraps

Ear protection is non-negotiable at the range. However, comfort is often an overlooked aspect of ear protection. This is where Flatline Fiber Co.’s Ear Pro Wraps shine, seamlessly blending superior protection with unparalleled comfort.

We have meticulously crafted these ear protection wraps from durable 500D Cordura. This material choice not only ensures longevity but also provides a robust barrier against the harsh conditions of a shooting range.

The interior features a spacer mesh liner, which enhances breathability and comfort, especially during extended periods of use. This thoughtful design minimizes the discomfort often associated with wearing ear protection for long hours.

One of the standout features of these wraps is their customization capability. A 1″ x 5″ Velcro strip is thoughtfully integrated, allowing shooters to add a personal touch with name tapes or patches.

The versatility of these wraps extends to their compatibility with various ear protection brands. Whether you use Howard Leight, Peltor, Sordin Supreme, or Walker Razor, Flatline Fiber Co. has an ear protection wrap fit that matches perfectly, ensuring that every shooter can benefit from this added layer of comfort.

Rifle Slings

A rifle sling is a fundamental component that enhances the overall shooting experience. Flatline Fiber Co. offers two distinct types of rifle slings: the Padded Rifle Sling and the Standard Rifle Sling. Both are designed with the shooter’s needs in mind, ensuring comfort, ease of use, and durability.

Padded Rifle Sling

The Padded Rifle Sling is an ideal choice for those who spend extended periods at the range or in the field. It features a closed-cell memory foam type pad, providing exceptional comfort without compromising the sling’s slim profile. This innovative design significantly reduces shoulder fatigue, making it easier to carry your rifle for longer durations.

Key Features:

  • Material: Constructed from durable 1″ nylon webbing, enveloped in a 500D Cordura-wrapped pad.
  • Design: A streamlined, minimalist design that focuses on user comfort and ease of adjustment.
  • Adjustability: Equipped with an ITW Ladder loc with a pull tab, allowing for quick and effortless adjustments.
  • Compatibility: The open ends of the sling are designed to accommodate various attaching hardware, making it versatile for different rifle setups.

Standard Rifle Sling

For those who prefer a more straightforward, minimalist approach, the Standard Rifle Sling is an excellent choice. It maintains a slim profile and forgoes the padding for a more direct, unobstructed feel.

Key Features:

  • Material: Like its padded counterpart, it’s made from robust 1″ nylon webbing, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Design: A focus on a simple, efficient design that caters to the practical shooter.
  • Adjustability: Features the same ITW Ladder loc system for quick adjustments on the fly.
  • Versatility: Its open-end design allows for compatibility with a wide range of rifles and hardware.

Individual First Aid Kit

In any shooting environment, preparedness goes beyond ammunition and firearms. It extends to personal safety and medical readiness. The P.I.M.P (Practical Individual Medical Pouch) by Flatline Fiber Co. is a critical component of this preparedness, offering a compact, efficient, and life-saving medical kit essential for every shooter.

The P.I.M.P is a result of a collaboration between Flatline Fiber Co. and Kinetic Consulting, designed with the needs of a shooter in mind. It’s a minimalist medical pouch constructed from ultra-durable 1,500D Squadron material. This robust construction ensures that the pouch can withstand harsh range conditions while keeping medical supplies secure and readily accessible.


  • Mounting Options: It can be mounted to a belt using the MOLLE panel or directly using the laser-cut belt loops, offering versatility in how it’s carried.
  • Accessibility: The outer shell features a shock cord adjustable top and a one-wrap adjustable bottom, making it easy to access the contents quickly.  The internal pouch has built-in handles for quick deployment of the medical contents.
  • Visibility: A 2″ loop front for patches and a laser-cut cross patch that can receive inserts are included, ensuring high visibility for quick identification.
  • Internal Organization: The inner pouch has shear retention and internal elastic retention for organizing contents.

Trauma Kit Contents

The P.I.M.P comes equipped with essential trauma care items, including a C-A-T Tourniquet, NAR Responder Flat ETD, a Hyfin Vent Compact Chest Seal Twin Pack, wound packing gauze, a pre-lubricated nasopharyngeal airway, trauma shears, gloves, and a Sharpie marker. This comprehensive kit ensures that shooters have the necessary tools to address a wide range of emergency medical situations.

Dump Pouches

At the range or in the field, efficient management of equipment is key to a seamless shooting experience. This is where the range of dump pouches from Flatline Fiber Co. plays an indispensable role. Designed for practicality and convenience, these pouches are perfect for organizing and accessing gear quickly and efficiently.

Flatline Fiber Co. offers a selection of dump pouches, including the Mini Dump Pouch, the Cordura Dump Pouch, and the Ripstop Dump Pouch. Each has unique features tailored to different needs and preferences.

Mini Dump Pouch

  • A compact design that can still accommodate multiple full-size magazines, water bottles, and other essentials.
  • Attaches behind and hangs below a mag pouch, using a laser-cut MOLLE panel. This design ensures it doesn’t take up extra space on your belt.
  • Features a synch closure and a drain hole, making it practical and adaptable to various environments.

Cordura Dump Pouch

  • Made from a thicker and heavier Cordura material, it provides more structure.
  • Capable of holding up to an Avon C50 Gas Mask, with internal stretch pockets for organizing equipment.
  • Similar to the Mini, it attaches via a laser-cut MOLLE panel and features a synch closure and drain hole.

RipStop Dump Pouch

  • Offers versatility and a lightweight option with its RipStop construction.
  • Designed to compress easily and stow away compactly when not in use.
  • Also attaches behind a pouch, optimizing space utilization on the belt.

These dump pouches enhance the overall functionality of your shooting gear. Whether you’re changing magazines, stowing used ones, or keeping essential tools and personal items within reach, these pouches ensure everything is organized and accessible.

Other Essential Range Gear

While the specialized products from Flatline Fiber Co. cover significant aspects of your range gear, a well-rounded shooting experience also includes a few additional essentials. Let’s briefly look at these items to ensure you’re fully equipped for your next range visit.

  • Eye Protection: Always wear high-quality safety glasses to shield your eyes from debris and ejected casings.
  • Shooting Gloves and Apparel: Comfortable, durable shooting gloves can enhance grip and protect your hands. Also, dress according to the weather, wearing breathable, protective clothing suitable for the range environment.
  • Targets and Accessories: Bring along a variety of targets (paper, steel, or reactive) and necessary accessories like target stands. These are essential for a productive practice session.
  • Ammunition Management: Make sure you have enough ammunition and a few extra magazines for an efficient shooting session, allowing for more time shooting and less time reloading.

Gear Up for Success at the Range

Whether it’s the customizable comfort of the Ear Pro Wraps, the practical versatility of the rifle slings, the organizational prowess of the dump pouches, or the life-saving functionality of the P.I.M.P, each product has been crafted with the shooter’s needs in mind.

And while Flatline Fiber Co.’s gear forms the core of your range essentials, don’t forget the importance of other items like eye protection, appropriate apparel, and maintenance tools that complete your preparedness for any range day.

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