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A man standing in full tactical gear hold a rifle.

The Shooter’s Guide to Tactical Gear: Vests, Belts, Slings, and More

Tactical gear encompasses a wide array of products and each has its own unique set of benefits and uses. Join us as we explore tactical gear essentials and advanced tactical tools and learn how each piece can elevate your shooting experience.

Understanding Tactical Gear

Tactical gear serves the specific purpose of improving performance, efficiency, and safety during shooting activities. It’s not just about looking the part. It’s about enhancing your capabilities as a shooter.

From padded rifle slings designed for comfort and stability, to dump pouches that offer easy access to ammunition and other essentials, every piece of gear has been crafted to serve a particular need in the field.

Tactical Gear Essentials

A close up of a man in tactical gear with a dump pouch, battle belt, and Flatline Fiber padded rifle sling.

In the realm of shooting sports, tactical gear goes far beyond firearms. Let’s delve into these universal gear essentials.

Battle belt

A sturdy battle belt serves as the foundation of your loadout. It supports holsters, mag pouches, and other accessories. It should be strong, durable, and adaptable to accommodate varying gear configurations.


Holsters provide a secure and accessible means to carry your firearm. They come in different types – from outside-the-waistband (OWB) to inside-the-waistband (IWB) designs – each with its advantages depending on your activity.

Mag pouches

Mag pouches ensure that extra ammunition is always within reach. Look for magazine pouches made with durable materials for longevity and reliability in demanding situations.

Dump pouch

Close up image of a Flatline Fiber ripstop dump pouch on a battle belt

A versatile accessory for discarding used magazines or carrying miscellaneous items. Ensure it’s easily accessible and made from durable material, like our Cordura Dump Pouch or Ripstop Dump Pouch.

Read Proper Use of a Dump Pouch at the Range for more information about this useful shooting gear.

Baseline bag

A brown camo baseline bag holding the rear stock of a rifle with a padded rifle sling attached, all by Flatline Fiber.

The baseline bag is designed for rifle support to aid in stability and precision during prone shooting. It can be positioned at the front or rear of the rifle to enhance aim and comfort, like Flatline Fiber’s Baseline Bag. These bags are adjustable and versatile for different shooting styles and preferences.

Rifle sling

A close up of a Flatline Fiber padded rifle sling attached to a rifle.

Rifle slings are more than just carrying straps. They help stabilize your rifle for accurate shots, distribute its weight to reduce fatigue, and free up your hands when needed. Flatline Fiber Co. offers padded and non-padded slings to meet your different shooting needs.

Read How to Choose the Correct Rifle Sling to find the right sling for you.

Shooting gloves

Shooting gloves protect your hands from recoil and harsh weather conditions while enhancing grip. They enhance grip stability on the firearm to ensure better control and precision.

Shooting glasses

Shooting glasses protect your eyes from potential hazards like ricochets and debris. Look for lenses that offer high-impact resistance and clarity.

Ear protection

A Flatline Fiber ear muff wrap on a set of ear protection for shooting.

Essential for safeguarding hearing, ear protection devices range from simple foam plugs to advanced electronic earmuffs that amplify ambient sounds while blocking harmful noise levels. Consider adding a wrap, like our Ear Pro Wrap, to make your ear muffs more comfortable.


The right footwear can make a significant difference in your comfort and mobility. Goretex boots and rugged shoes provide excellent traction and weather resistance, making them ideal for outdoor shooting activities.


Tactical vests offer organized carriage for gear and essentials by offering various pockets and attachments. Select a vest that allows for customization according to your needs.

Wet-weather jacket shell

A high-quality wet-weather jacket shell is crucial for protection against rain and wind. It should be breathable, waterproof, and lightweight, allowing for layering underneath. Look for jackets with sealed seams and adjustable hoods for optimal coverage.


A durable backpack is crucial for carrying extra ammunition, hydration, and personal items. Opt for designs with compartmentalization for organization.

Tactical knife

A reliable knife is indispensable for utility or defense. Choose between fixed blades for durability or folding knives for convenience.


Durable, high-lumen flashlights can prove invaluable in emergencies or simply when you need to illuminate dark areas. Select models that are durable and have a long battery life.

First aid kit

A man wearing a battle belt with a Flatline Fiber P.I.M.P IFAK attached.

In the field, accidents can happen unexpectedly. A medical trauma kit is vital for managing injuries until professional medical help arrives. Our Practical Individual Medical Pouch (P.I.M.P) is designed to securely store these essential supplies.

Not sure you need one? Read The Importance of an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) for Outdoor Activities for why an IFAK should be part of everyone’s tactical gear.


Maintaining hydration is essential during any activity. Choose a hydration system that suits your needs, whether it’s a durable water bottle for convenience or a hydration bladder for hands-free drinking. Ensure it’s easy to refill and clean.

Advanced Tactical Gear

A man in a military helmet using his night vision tactial gear.

While the basic tactical gear essentials lay the groundwork for safety and efficiency, advanced gear takes preparedness to another level.

Navigation tools

Whether you’re in familiar territory or exploring new areas, reliable navigation tools are crucial.

Traditional tools like compasses and maps still hold their value, but modern GPS devices offer detailed terrain information and pinpoint accuracy.

Communication equipment

Communication is key in any tactical scenario. Radios allow for instant, reliable communication, especially in areas with poor cell service.

Tactical headsets enable clear audio reception while protecting your hearing from loud gunfire. Some advanced models even enhance ambient sounds – like footsteps or voice commands – to improve situational awareness.

Night vision devices

Night vision devices amplify ambient light to provide visibility in low-light conditions. There are several types, including goggles, scopes, and cameras.

  • Night vision goggles are worn on the head or helmet to leave your hands free for other tasks. They’re ideal for navigation and general surveillance in the dark.
  • Night vision scopes mount onto firearms and allow for precise target acquisition in low light conditions.
  • Night vision cameras provide the capability to record or monitor in complete darkness. They’re essential for security, wildlife observation, and surveillance activities.

When choosing a night vision device, consider factors like the generation (Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3, etc.), which indicates the technology’s sophistication and performance. Also, take into account the device’s resolution, field of view, and magnification capabilities.

Thermal imagers

Unlike night vision, thermal imagers detect heat signatures to create an image. This makes them effective even in total darkness or through smoke and fog. They come in various forms, including cameras, binoculars, scopes, and clip-on sights.

When choosing a thermal imager, consider the device’s resolution, detection range, and refresh rate. Higher-end models may also offer features like image enhancement, video recording, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Maximizing Effectiveness with Tactical Gear

A Flatline Fiber padded rifle sling, P.I.M.P. IFAK, and earmuff pad on a dark brown table.

Remember, having the gear is just part of the equation. Knowing how to use it effectively is equally important. Regular training and familiarization with your equipment can make a significant difference in real-world scenarios.

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