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The Role of Rifle Slings in Precision Rifle Series Competitions

In Precision Rifle Series (PRS) competitions, each piece of equipment matters. The rifle sling is essential for stability during shooting, aiding in quick transition between stages, and ensuring safe firearm handling. Making the right sling choice can directly impact your performance. Here’s how Flatline Fiber Co’s rifle slings can give you a competitive advantage.

Benefits of Using a Rifle Sling in PRS

In precision rifle competitions, every detail counts. Beyond just rifles and skills, a dependable rifle sling can be the difference between a good shot and a perfect one. Here’s why a rifle sling is an indispensable part of your arsenal.

Stabilization and Support

A rifle sling, when used correctly, can act as an additional point of contact. This assists in stabilizing the rifle, especially during off-hand shots or when shooting from positions where other stabilization methods are impractical.

Efficient Transition Between Shots

PRS often requires shooters to move between multiple shooting positions or points in rapid succession. A sling ensures that the rifle is securely held close to the body, allowing for smoother and faster transitions.

Reduced Shooter Fatigue

Holding a rifle for extended periods or during prolonged matches can lead to arm and shoulder fatigue. A properly adjusted sling can effectively distribute the weight of the rifle, reducing the strain on the shooter and ensuring they remain alert and steady throughout the competition.

Consistent Shooting Position

A sling can help in replicating a consistent shooting form across different stages of the competition. This consistency can result in better accuracy and precision as the shooter can maintain a familiar and tested shooting posture.

Safety and Equipment Care

During movement stages or while navigating challenging terrains, there’s a risk of dropping the rifle or subjecting it to potential damage. A sling ensures that the rifle remains securely attached, protecting both the shooter and the equipment.

Versatility in Challenging Scenarios

Sometimes, PRS stages come with unexpected challenges or unique shooting positions. In such cases, an adaptable sling can be utilized in inventive ways to provide the much-needed support, be it wrapping around obstacles or creating additional tension points.

Freeing Up Hands

Between shots or stages, shooters might need to use their hands for other tasks, such as adjusting equipment, range finding, or even just taking notes. A sling holds the rifle securely, allowing shooters to perform these tasks without having to set their rifle down.

Increased Confidence

Knowing that one has a reliable piece of equipment that offers both functional long-range shooting benefits and comfort can be a significant confidence booster. A confident shooter, paired with the right tools, is often the one who has an edge in competitions.

Best Rifle Slings for PRS Competitions

Flatline Fiber Co, renowned for their high-quality firearm accessories, offers two distinct rifle slings that have gained popularity among PRS competitors. Here’s an in-depth look at these offerings:

Standard Rifle Sling

    • Color Variants: Multicam Black, Multicam Standard, Woodland, Multicam Tropic, Ranger Green, Black, Wolf Grey, Coyote, and more.
    • Design: A slim profile and minimalist design cater to those who don’t prefer padding in their slings.
  • Features:
    • Constructed of durable 1″ Nylon webbing for robust use. 
    • Equipped with ITW Ladder loc and a pull tab, ensuring quick adjustments on the go. 
    • Open-ended design allows for the addition of your preferred attaching hardware. 
    • The sling has an excess of webbing, but once fit to the user’s needs, the excess can be stowed into the included tri-glides. 

Padded Rifle Sling

    • Color Variants: Multicam Standard, Multicam Black, Arid Multicam, Multicam Tropic, Woodland, Black, Wolf Grey, Ranger Green, Coyote, and more.
    • Design: This padded version delivers additional comfort courtesy of a closed-cell memory foam type pad, without compromising on its slim profile.
  • Features:
    • Built using robust 1″ Nylon webbing. 
    • Features a streamlined minimalist design that appeals to PRS competitors. 
    • The comfort is enhanced with a 1.5” wide, 500D Cordura wrapped pad. 
    • Like its standard counterpart, it comes with an ITW Ladder loc featuring a pull tab for swift adjustments. 
    • Open-ended to easily add the attaching hardware of choice. 
    • Additional webbing provided can be adjusted and neatly stowed using the tri-glides. 

Why Flatline Fiber Co.’s Slings Stand Out

  • Quality Assurance: Each sling comes with a lifetime warranty, a testament to its quality and reliability.
  • Versatility in Design: Whether you prefer a padded or non-padded sling, Flatline Fiber Co has you covered.
  • Free Shipping: All orders within the U.S. enjoy free shipping, adding value to your purchase.
  • Handcrafted Precision: Handmade in the U.S.A., each sling reflects dedication to craftsmanship.

Adjusting Your Rifle Sling for PRS

More experienced shooters know that a properly adjusted sling provides stability, efficiency, and comfort in the heat of a precision rifle competition. Here’s a guide to fine-tuning your rifle sling for the demands of PRS:

Determine the Right Length

  • Initial Setup: When standing relaxed with your rifle slung across your torso, the rifle’s butt should sit comfortably into your shoulder pocket, allowing for immediate shouldering without significant sling adjustments.
  • Flexibility for Positions: Ensure your sling can be lengthened or shortened quickly. PRS often involves switching between positions, so having a sling that can adjust on-the-fly is essential.

Positioning the Sling on the Rifle

  • Attachment Points: Attach the sling close to the rifle’s balance point, typically near the action for the front and on or near the buttstock for the rear. This ensures optimal weight distribution.
  • Swivel Direction: Depending on your preference, use side-mounted or bottom-mounted swivels. Side mounts may provide better rifle orientation during transitions, while bottom mounts can offer more stability during shooting.

Tension for Stability

  • Looping Techniques: When bracing for a shot, use the sling to create a loop around your non-dominant arm, tightening against the bicep or tricep. This tension stabilizes the rifle, reducing lateral movement.
  • Quick-Adjust Features: Many PRS-friendly slings come with rapid adjustment capabilities. Practice tensioning and loosening your sling swiftly to adapt to various shooting scenarios.

Test Different Shooting Positions

  • Standing: While shooting off-hand, the sling should provide adequate tension to stabilize the rifle without causing muscle strain.
  • Prone & Kneeling: In these positions, ensure the sling doesn’t overly constrict your breathing or circulation but still offers enough tension for stability.
  • Barricades & Obstacles: PRS often involves shooting off barriers or improvised positions. Adjust your sling to provide stability, possibly by wrapping it around the barrier or using it to pull the rifle firmly into a solid rest.

Comfort Adjustments

  • Padding Position: Ensure that any padding on your sling sits on your shoulder, distributing the rifle’s weight comfortably.
  • Avoiding Snags: Make sure loose sling ends or adjustment tabs don’t interfere with your rifle’s operation or get caught in gear.

Regular Practice

  • As with any equipment adjustment, regularly practice transitioning, shooting, and moving with your adjusted sling. This ensures that during competitions, sling adjustments become second nature, allowing you to focus on the shot.

Hitting the Mark with Flatline Fiber Co.

In precision rifle matches, experienced shooters know the importance of dependable equipment, such as rifle slings. Flatline Fiber Co. has the right slings to take your PRS game to the next level, providing an essential combination of comfort, reliability, and stability. With colorful variants, adjustable features, and robust construction, you’re sure to hit the mark with Flatline Fiber Co.’s rifle slings.

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